Happy New Year

Happy new year

Birthday Club Ukraine

Birthday Club Ukraine

Invitation of DJs LaDjane girls to the anniversary party club “Ukraine” (Dneprodzerzhinsk) has become a good tradition. In 2010 – dj Belena, 2011 – dj duo Shah & Mat, phenomenal celebration in 2012 was a participating of three DJs – dj Mata Hari, dj Esskimo, dj Baby Face in the party at once. But the high spot of this time were not sexy topless DJ. The hall was heat up after the impressive sets dj Mata Hari and the newfound duo dj Baby Face and dj Esskimo, when DJ Baba Vera (dj Vera) appeared on the scene like the sensation of that evening. 76 years have not prevented to be at one’s best with festive mood of the audience. It was a special surprise from the club management and present to the city. Surprise has surpassed all imagination. The crowd literally roared over time of DJ Baba Vera set, and even our three DJs could not sit in their dressing room for supporting of the DNEPRODZERZHINSK star. The club’s anniversary party “Ukraine” was at one’s best again. The holiday was a success.

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Crazy birthday party live on stage

Kemer in the Antalya suburb has a reputation for mecca night life for Russian, Ukrainian and Kazah tourists. It was really crazy party live on the stage of club Salinas (Kemer Antalya) on May 26 for the birthday of t-dj Esskimo. There were special guests www.djduo-shahmat.net dj Alessia, dr Sashka Kolbasechniy, miss Oylala. Normally public topless performance was forbidden in Turkey, but that night nobody could keep beautiful Ukrainian djs.

Champagne flowed like a river. Fruit and birthday cake began to pass. Papa ladjanewww.kolbasechniy.com. came to the top and put the suit from Anastasia frankly on the stage. He was dressed in something like sexy tights. It was entranced all guests. They enjoined to celebration and everything that happens merged into one enchanting party. It was interesting that the club managers proposed to hold the same party every week, but where they could find Birthday topless dj girls?

VIP evening-party of Playboy

VIP evening-party of Playboy Moet & Chandon has taken a place in the capital of Serbia

VIP party of magazine PLAYBOY(Serbia)Moet & Chandon took a place in the overcrowded to the limit best casino of Belgrade Diva Lounge Grand Cazino on Friday 9.12.

It was not easy to force through the dense crowd of video and photo reporters to the applicants on the title of Serbia Playmate Una Gruzhich, Soraya Vucelich, Martina Raich, Ivana Mladovich, Anastasiya and Isidore Budzheich .

Indeed managers succeeded to achieve the mega VIP atmosphere. Champagne Moet literally flowed like the river. Plenty of Serbia play divas glamour, stylishness and beauty dazzled.

Ukrainian Topless dj Esskimo was the special guest and flavour of evening.

Eccentric Ukrainian topless diva blended in the refined atmosphere of Vip party very organic.

A surroundings of first ladies Play Boy, who opened the bottles of champagne straight at the dj table during the set, raised the evening temperature.

A slipped details of clothes both Ukrainian and Serbian beauties pointed the natural and relaxed atmosphere of the real Play Boy party.

There were Sergey Trifunovich,  Raka Marich, Marko Zhivich, Rada Radenovich  and many other famous Serbians on this resonance event.

The party had the great resonance. And such party was planed to become the regular one in 2012 according to the agreement of Serbian Play Boy and Ukrainian booking company ladjane.com.

Leading manager of production MOET&CHANDON  acknowledged  Dj Esskimo  as the naturally-beautiful on this evening-party and said a few words about it:  «Esskimo  showed us the really beauty – beauty of Ukraine. To be natural outwardly means to be the real in the soul.»



Sometimes it`s hardness to imagine the artistic forms which at times topless girl djs industry accepts. It was resolved to close a summer club season by quite new exclusive party concept in Turkish city Didim (Turkey) on disco “Medusa”. For this time party concept will be named Girl Djs Gladiators battle. There are three Ukrainian djane Mata Hari (www.djmatahari.in) – a partner of topless dj duo Shah&mat, an exotic t-dj Esskimo (www.dj-esskimo.com) and quite young dj Koxy ( www.ladjane.com ) will be met on dj stage.
The author of idea and producer of dj Belena an indefatigable Kolbasechniy have taken a role of referee and MC.
It`s symbolical, that a club “Medusa” is located literally in 10 minutes from the ancient Apollo temple (Apollo temple) and not nearly far from the world known ancient city – Ephesus (Ephesus ), which the participants of battle have visited the day before.photo—-
I doubt whether needs to be expected of bloody spectacle, and also won and winners, music and beauty will win certainly.


Happy updating

There is a happy addition to dj family on eve of dj Belena`s birthday, who doesn’t taking now an order on appearances. The official model of Playboy (USA) Ukrainian topless dj gives all of spare time to the Indian kitchen and creation of new star projects for some time past. Belena devoted to the producing and education of young receivers unloaded the dictate of ex-producer Kolbasechniy. And, after exotic and wayward topless dj Esskimo another topless Baby come into the world – dj Baby Face. But Belena isn`t going to stop on the birth of this twins, at once the newborns was swaddled in party concept, christened as Test the West and sent to Poland. The tours of babies dj Esskimo and Baby Face passed in cities: Warsaw (club «Mirage»), Krakow (club «Epsilon»), Mielno (club «Senso»), Szczecin (club «Senso»), Legnica (club «Protector»). And there are no chances, that producer Belena will calm down thereon. The flame track «From now you are Pornstar» is preparing to the output.

So, this is scandalous as usual but how loudly and successfully, time will show.

Poland has found its own hero

Another intervention of dj booking ladjane.com. company has been held brilliantly. For this time a purpose was neighbour Poland, which hasn`t yet entered in Ukrainian topless dj booking agency`s list of the visited countries of topless djs on the incomprehensible reasons. A choice for the role of bombardier was made for eccentric t-dj Esskimo. And, as it turned out, this choice of the Polish promoters and the direction of Ladjane.com hit the mark. For such country as Poland, the exotic look of the Ukrainian-Chukotian beauty is very eccentric and unusual. Notably, a stylized sexual suit was sewed from the natural skins and fabrics with the elements of traditional clothes of Arctic people especially for the tour. And the Chukotian beauty began to shine as the aurora borealis on the club firmament of Poland. The orders has been already added in the process of tour and, instead of five planned Events, its became 7, and then 8. The doors of clubs were literally flocked by persons interested to get on the topless party of t-dj Esskimo. And only expiry date of visa has prevented from continuing of tour. But the orders continue to come in and the tour will go on after a small interruption. It seems that the Polish clubs have found its own hero.

Spring reload. “LaDJane Reload”

Spring — is a time of changes and reloadings. Just reloading like this happened to the tour navigator of LaDJane. company. Now a summer tour of Ukrainian girls DJs lies through Bodrum, Kemer, Antalia and Belek. A group of the best Mediterranean seashore’s hotels of Turkey RIXOS has signed a contract about the regular dj parties from May till October 2011. The contract is signed by 3 parties. One of these parties is BPM International company which is responsible for the organization of all DJ parties. The second one is LaDJane.com company representing the most popular Ukrainian girls DJs. And the third company is 6-stars Rixos Premium Hotel. The artist’s roster will be represented by Dj duet ShahMat, Dj BabyFace, Dj Matahari and djane Esskimo. A signing of the contract was marked by the unprecedented party for tourists from Iran in the eve of their national festive occasion with participation of sexy dj duo Shah&mat. Neither national nor political, not even religious differences didn’t prevent guests from the speaking on the same language. Music knows no bounds.

Beautiful heat in winter! Mediterranean Clubs

Seems like LaDJane grows popularity of Ukrainian girls on the Mediterranean coast. Since the beginning of the new year LaDJane has tours in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. In January dj duo Shah & mat, Esskimo and Baby Face joined Ukrainian Play-girl party project of laDJane! Beautiful Topless DJ Community representatives continue to travel around the world and conquer the dancefloors of the three seas: Izmir – Club «Lojuan»; Antalya – Club «Mumm» and club «Gossip»; Istanbul — club “360?; And now the same journey will go Jully Loop and Mata Hari. By the summer the list of tours will be increased by Halikarnas (Bodrum), a RAI (Kemer) and Salinas (Antalya).